Tuesday, December 4, 2012

forever france and family

It's been six years since a French girl named Marie-Gabrielle lived with myself and my family. Whereas I see her often nowadays, the same is not so for my mom and sister.  Her and I got planning as soon as she heard they'd be visiting me here in Paris :) she hadn't seen them since she was in the US four years ago.
Saturday, 8pm: an array of classic French appetizers including foie gras de canard, escargots de Bourgogne, salade d'endives au Roquefort; seemingly bottomless glasses of red wine; multiple plates of steak frites; 4 coffees; 2 shared desserts; at the timeless Parisian Bouillon Chartier
Saturday, 9:40pm: strolls through the many covered passageways in 9th arrondisement.
Saturday, 10pm: a "Paris by Night" tour led by her extremely knowledgeable parents.
Sunday, 12:05am: a late-night house tour of their home in Melun before bed.
Sunday, 9:30am: an at-home breakfast of coffee/tea/hot chocolate, orange juice, croissants/pain au chocolat/chausson de pomme/baguette, butter, preserves, vanilla cream.
Sunday, 11am: a festive Fontainebleau market visit, complete with pain d'épices samples.
Sunday, 12:30pm: a tour through the royal then imperial Château de Fontainebleau.
Sunday, 1:50pm: salad-heavy lunches at La Taverne (it was our surprise treat, finally!)
As you can see, Marie and her parents really outdid themselves; especially since they're already so consistently good to me each time I'm in France. Us Alvarez ladies were beyond appreciative. And afterwards, we had just one whole day to spend together back in Paris. We made it count... to be continued...

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