Saturday, March 30, 2013

a day in douro

Guys, gals, I'm writing a thesis. Well, not yet, but I will be in the fall (or spring?!). I've simply decided I can't not do so. What a nerd, huh? Indeed. And still a wino, too. I'm highly considering studying wine production in the "New World" (e.g. Chile, South Africa) and how it provides cultural capital in perception of place. Not sure whether that sounds painfully academic or super interesting to you, but I'm excited. 
As you may remember, I kind of love this kind of research :). I had a very recent taste of it, too, when I spent a day in "wine country" with a guide from my hostel in Porto. 'Twas a magical day in the Douro Valley...
[Tasting #1 at Quinta de Pégo]
[Lunch: vegetable soup, fried octopus, rice]
[Tasting #2 at Quinta do Portal]
In the sun, surrounded by wonderful people, I felt so, so happy. Kind of how I felt earlier today in the company of the boy's family (minus the sun--it's cold and cloudy in Paris!) Although I'm missing my fam extra this Easter weekend, I'm glad to have spent some of it with his and with my extended family (more to come on the incredible meal we shared). I can hardly wait to spend the holiday with ma famille française tomorrow.


  1. Happy to hear it! If you ever need help with 'research', you know where to find me... :)


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