Tuesday, October 16, 2012

to move or to stay

That is the question. I have fallen in love with my neighborhood and I feel more at home in ma chambre de bonne than ever, but it is truly an imperfect situation.
Not having a complete bathroom to myself is one thing; in all honesty, I despise cleaning toilets so it's almost a luxury to not have to do so. But not having a complete kitchen? Hmph. Although I prefer simple meals and raw vegetables, one day soon I'm going to want to make soup, or cook... anything, and that is a challenge here.
Then again, I do adore my view. How lucky I am to have a landlord as sweet and understanding as mine is, too. And frankly, it's nice to save money on an apartment, especially when I spend quite a lot of time out and about in Paris whether for school or fun. Any advice? It's a tough decision, and I just want to make the right one...

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