Monday, October 22, 2012

london via eurostar

Did I tell you I went to London this past weekend? (This photo may have given it away.) I was especially excited because it was my first getaway since moving to Paris, my first international train ride, and my second visit to the UK. You may be surprised to hear then that graduate school was the occasion. I spent most of two whole days within London offices meeting industry professionals in public relations, new media, branding , and advertising. What a fantastic opportunity.
I wasn't purely studious though. On Thursday and Friday nights, the entirety of Saturday, and Sunday morning, I enjoyed London to the fullest by drinking far too much beer, visiting The British Museum, tasting British and international cuisine, and spending a tad bit too much money at Top Shop. Um, I saw the sights last time?
[Thursday's happy hour at BrewDog Camden]
[Thursday's dinner of skirt steak, kale, and "chips" at Market]
[Thursday's local dessert from Whole Foods]
[Friday's perfect-for-the-rain "hot pot" lunch at Eat.]
[Friday's happy hour at The Craft Beer Co.]
[Friday's "Cod Father" dinner at Friend At Hand]
[Friday's cocktails at ECC London]
[Friday's late night dancing at... a local pub?]
[Saturday's full English hotel breakfast: grapefruit slices, orange juice, coffee, bran flakes with milk, poached egg on brown toast, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms]
[Saturday's morning visit to the Bloomsbury Festival]
[Saturday's afternoon visit to the British Museum]
[Saturday's evening: Indian food at Dishoom followed by brews at Punch & Judy]
[Sunday's brunch of scrambled eggs, brown toast, and tea with milk at Silva's]
[Sunday morning shopping on Oxford Street]
I wish I had more time to really share how much fun I had. Unfortunately-ish, I over-did this weekend trip in more ways than one and have an incredibly busy week with classes, midterm assignments, and a new internship. Hopefully I can handle it. Cheerio, lovelies!


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