Sunday, October 14, 2012

cette week-end

At 6:15pm on Thursday evening, my weekend began. It went as follows...
[Thursday, 7pm: aperitif with a birthday girl at Verjus à vin]
[Thursday, 8:30pm: multi-course celebratory dinner at Semilla]
 [Thursday, 11:58pm: toasts to 24 at Prescription Cocktail Club]
[Friday, 10pm: birthday bar crawl through French cocktail culture]
[Saturday, 7:30pm: neighborhood sushi with under-the-weather friends]
[Sunday, 12am: yet another joyeux anniversaire party]
[Sunday, 3:15am: "late night" dancing with champagne and cookie cake]
[Sunday, 12:30pm: reunion brunch at Le Sésame: ginger smoothie, café créme, bread, butter, preserves, soft-boiled egg, bagel topped with chévre and lox, green salad, frommage blanc with honey (and a few bites of my Mia's carrot cake)]
Needless to say, I'm going to sleep very well tonight... once my homework gets done.


  1. that cake in that last photo. oh my goodness. that is one beautiful slice. i would have needed more than a bite.

    1. It was a beautiful slice! If I weren't so happily satisfied, Mia would have had to watch out ;).

  2. You clearly don't need me to reinforce this popular refrain : il faut profiter! I'm so glad to see you settling in with a crew of what seems to be already very good girlfriends. I miss you!

  3. Looks wonderful! And busy! Brunch was the perfect way to end it!


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