Monday, October 1, 2012

au revoir, kilos

I've lost weight since moving to Paris.
How annoying is that statement, huh? And yet... I have no idea how it happened! I've been eating well to the extent that refined grain baguettes, wine, cheese, butter, and dark chocolate (or rather, if I'm lucky, dark chocolate mousse) have become staples in my diet. Is my body not going against everything we've been taught weight loss is?
Not exactly. You see, in addition to those carbohydrates and sugar, I've been having my fair share of market-fresh fruits and vegetables--not always organic, but never genetically-modifed. I've also been extremely active: climbing the six flights of stairs to ma chambre de bonne about twice a day, walking the 10-minutes to the closest laundromat and Monoprix (Target equivalent), commuting 30-minutes to AUP's campus, and meeting friends everywhere else with public transportation.
Furthermore, I've been averaging seven hours of sleep each night and sitting down for three meals a day, hardly ever snacking before though always having dessert after.
Perhaps the French Paradox isn't a paradox at all but a return to a lifestyle that we're actually meant to be living; one that favors real food, sufficient activity, meal time, and a good night's sleep. And if so, I'm really looking forward to adding community yoga and barre3 to the mix. It should help with grad school stress ;).
By the way, I've discovered the absolute best lunch in the 7th: les coccottes de Constant. My meal was ridiculously satisfying and affordable (for the neighborhood).

Note: I became aware of the weight loss based on a change in how my clothes fit but I did not intend for it nor do I believe I needed it. I am, however, still within a range I am comfortable with and thus will continue enjoying a full life as I have been.


  1. I lost weight when I moved to Paris too! But I think it was because the winter was so cold, i burned everything off shivering. As soon as warm weather arrived I started gaining weight again and had to cut out my daily baguettes :)

    1. Haha, I hope this winter is a little more forgiving. I wouldn't want to shed any more pounds.

      P.S. Speaking of baguettes I've been buying a "demi-baguette" every other day and it's just enough. Cheaper, too! Obviously :)

  2. I just love love love looking at your pictures of Paris. It makes me feel like I am there too!! xo

  3. What a great post! Very, very enlightening, isn't it?

    1. Thanks, girl! It is. I thought I'd believed this philosophy too and yet I was still surprised when it worked in practice. Great to know :)


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