Thursday, November 17, 2011

upgrading to a purple passport

I've been working for The Purple Passport for nearly a month now. And being that it's going extremely well, I wanted to tell you so :). I'm learning more and more about what it takes to create the exciting city guides that feature "the finest hotels, restaurants, nightlife, spas, shops, sights, cultural venues, and other notable spots in the world." I'm thoroughly enjoying my responsibilities, as well as completely enjoying the company of my coworkers when I see 'em. 
Although I work remotely most of the time, getting to know them slowly but surely has been wonderful. Most have lived abroad before (if not at that time being) and understand  and appreciate what it is to enjoy real, authentic food. And all are passionate about travel, obviously.
The two that I most often spend office days have spent a considerable amount of time in Asia and have been teaching me a lot about Japanese cuisine during our lunch breaks. Trying oden (a light Japanese stew) and a green tea mille-feuille (a French puff pastry with green tea cream) have been an absolute delight.
We've also been occasionally meeting at cafés, public libraries, or hotel lounges. A habit of which I've fully been practicing solo as well.
My favorite part about being a part of The Purple Passport though, is knowing how uniquely special it is. Unlike many "travel guides" that read dry and boring, TPP is fun, pithy, and honest. To speak further to TPP's honesty, each Purple Passport pick has been personally visited and judged without bias.
And the best feature in my opinion? Once you sign up for The Purple Passport, you have the ability to create "passports" or itineraries of your very own featuring TPP-approved venues in Los Angeles, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Beijing, and soon, New York. While working in a French café the other day, I selected places to stay, eat, shop, and dance on my next trip, and thus, "Dreaming of Paris."
Actually, if you sign up for The Purple Passport in the next few days, you'll have a chance to win a new eBook--The Purple Passport to London/The Purple Passport to Paris--for free.  All you'll have to do then is send an email to promotions(at)thepurplepassport(dot)com with "Gimme London!" or "Gimme Paris!" in the subject line. It's worth a shot, right? And even if you disagree :) I still hope you'll check out the website to find out more about this job I love so much.


  1. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean: Oh, it is! Thanks for the support :)

  2. yessss! you have had so many little victories. and that green tea cake?! um, can i has please? love it!

  3. Mackenzie: Thanks for the support, dear! And yes, yes, I'm bringing you some right now. It is fantastic.


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