Wednesday, November 9, 2011

blue bottle coffee

Deemed "the best coffee in the country" by Chef Kevin, according to Jenna (the lovely lady that first urged me to try it), Blue Bottle Coffee really is divine.
My first experience with Blue Bottle Coffee happened somewhat serendipitously a little over a year ago. I wasn't able to find the Ferry Building before leaving San Francisco, but on the road that morning, I did need caffeine... and badly.
So I stopped in a little town across the Golden Gate Bridge called Sausalito. (I went there again this time around too, but I'll save that story for another time).
And the adorable café I stumbled upon, just happened to serve it. I was so glad I wouldn't have to disappoint Jenna upon our first meeting.
My café au lait was fantastic--somewhat sweet, sinfully rich. Not surprisingly so either. As they explain, it's served freshly roasted, and the beans themselves are fine, organic, pesticide-free, and shade-grown. Basically, it's my kind of coffee.
This past weekend, I thankfully stumbled upon it again on my way to Saturday's Foodbuzz festivities. The totally-cooler-than-me, so-hipster-it's-run-out-of-a-garage Vega just happened to be around the corner from my apartment.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculously beautiful yet fairly priced cappuccino on my stroll, and I don't doubt it has a lot to do with the fact that it was prepared with Blue Bottle Coffee. Reason #279 why this weekend rocked. Stay tuned for the Ferry Building's farmers market, the farewell brunch, and the date in Sausalito...

P.S. Yes, I'm aware, there is Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn too. I just haven't been yet. So. Anyone want to join me sometime soon?


  1. That looks beautiful! There is nothing worse than bad coffee, and nothing better than great coffee.

  2. We've got a bag of Blue Bottle "Three Africans" coffee in the kitchen... #justsaying

  3. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS! i have been craving blue bottle coffee ever since i had it at the ferry building in february!

  4. i keep hearing about this place and it sounds more lovely with each description. and it necessitates a trip to the brooklyn location soon!

  5. Allison: Oh, it was! So true :).

    Katie: Will do!

    anneliesz: Oh my, my, my... lucky girl, lucky girl.

    Mackenzie: You can come visit me in New York, you know...

    sofia: Most definitely! We'll make a field trip out of it.

  6. Ooo I wanna go! Everyone's pics of Blue Bottle coffees always look so lovely. I need to try it.

  7. Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health): Join Sofia, Mackenzie, Katie, and I in Brooklyn!


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