Thursday, November 10, 2011

foodbuzzing at the metreon

If you're checking in for the first time in a while, I'm recapping my weekend at the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco. It was fantastic. Case in point:

The alternative title for this post: beyond food porn. The Taste Pavilion was definitely some kind of foodie heaven with food and beverage options from more than 60 providers (mostly based in the SF-area.) I... well, let me just show you:
I enjoyed drinking chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth, artisan Tcho chocolate. Literally the best classic milk chocolate I have ever had.
I tried to maintain a healthy balance with a few slices of Frog Hollow Farm's pears. Then I dipped them in the remaining drinking chocolate.
I washed it all down with my first soda in forever long. Cascal: bubbly, natural.
I discovered a BBQ sauce I actually love, and was even lucky enough to take home a big bottle of it. Thanks again for the generosity, J. Lee Roy's!
I tasted fantastically delicate yet flavorful artisan teas blended and chosen by the inspiring woman behind Red Circle Tea.
I found out that some things really are better pickled. Boat Street's pickled figs, for example, are just amazing.
I met the lovely woman behind 18 Rabbits, and ate a yummy, simple granola bar.
I discovered one of the many reasons why Girl & the Fig is so ridiculously popular: three words: red onion confit.
I ate wild, natural, and sustainable seafood from Alaska in fantastic recipes created by Teri and Kelly. Go out and buy Alaska Seafood. Now. Seriously though.
I had a moment with a Mission Mini banana cupcake. It was incredible.
I tried kefir for the first time courtesy of Green Valley Organics, then followed it with goat cheese by Redwood Hill Farm.
I adored the adorable and delicious Ticings on bite-size brownies.
I learned that some mushrooms literally taste fantastic in olive oil shortbread cookies: those picked by Wine Forest Wild Foods.
I nearly cheated on the cupcakes with not one, but two pieces of Napa Valley Fudge. I've never eaten fudge that was so out. of. this. world.
I savored the perfect leaves of the U.S.'s only homegrown endive grown by California Endive. Speaking of no longer having to miss France as much...
I tasted the best Créme Fraîche outside of France by Bellwether Farms.
I had bites of Bovine Bakery's famous morning buns. And, oh my gosh, what I would do for another sugary, cinnamon-y bite right now...
I stumbled upon another use of California varietal wine grapes: non-alcoholic Vignette Wine Country Soda. Honestly though, I prefer the actual wine produced by Bonny Doon Vineyard.
I ate a little cup of Mrs. A's (great) Salsa Buena. Loved the story behind it too: Mrs. A, an elementary school teacher, was urged by her students to market her creation.
I nearly burst because it was impossible not to devour Three Twins Ice Cream.
I crunched on one of Judy's (deliciously vegan) Breadsticks to cleanse my palate.
And finally, I savored a few phenomenal sips of a cocktail made with Bloom's innovative premium London Dry Gin. I'm a gin girl; this is my new favorite brand.

It should be no surprise then that I also rolled myself out of there on a complete sugar high, in a complete food coma, and with a ridiculous smile on my face. Foozbuzz Festival recap, once again, to be continued...


  1. Oh my goodness the food porn in these posts is insane! :)
    I love 18 Rabbits bars. Oddly enough I usually grab one at LaGuardia airport before a flight. Super tasty.

  2. I missed seeing those morning buns, those look delish!!

    Oh the pretzel sticks were awesome, I could of ate a whole bucket!
    Great recap girl!

    Happy Weekend! xo

  3. Amelia (AC/DC: highways to Health): Isn't it?! I wish you could've been there. I need to pick up more 18 Rabbits when I can.

    katie: Right?! Thanks, dear. Same to you!


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