Tuesday, November 8, 2011

foodbuzzing photography

One of the many things I loved about this past weekend, was being able to explore new neighborhoods. The last time I was in San Francisco (on that solo road trip of mine) I spent an entire day wandering the bay city's streets, yet I still wasn't able to see everything. This time around, I found the Ferry Building, strolled through Union Square, walked around the true downtown area, and became very well-acquainted with SoMa (the district South of Market). 
On one particular morning (Saturday), I did all four while also managing to attend the DSLR-free Zone session at Foodbuzz HQ - a presentation in which three bloggers shared tips on how to create a beautiful picture without any of that fancy equipment. I learned a lot.
Greg explained his method: simplify (photo dimension), narrate the story (color), compose (set the stage), place props, refine image, and simplify once more. He told us that the higher angles, the better (especially with food).
Angi suggested we get up close to our subject and use natural light. She also spoke about finding your photography voice by studying what it is that attracts you to the photos you love.
Chuck said, "the best camera is the one that's with you." He shared how he evaluates the setting to identify the light sources and direction of light in order to create the best photo possible on his iPhone.
Speaking of improving my "photography skills" - quite a few weeks ago, I received the Lonely Planet Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures from Planet Gear. To be honest, I'm only slowly but surely practicing technique on landscape scenes, people, and macro shots (hello, food) but I do feel as though I'm becoming more well rounded. Also, Planet Gear is amazing. I joined for free and now have access to sales on travel gear, apparel, and destinations at prices up to 70%. As for the remaining Foodbuzz Festival, to be continued...

Please note: although Planet Gear reached out to introduce themselves to me, I am very genuinely a fan. 


  1. Danielle, you've been to so many cities. I feel like I want to see a top 5 list from you sometime. I want to know your favorite (for suggestions on where to go!). Have you done something like that before, and I missed it?

  2. I really enjoyed the session on photography as well! Thanks for sharing your takeaways! :)

  3. I love my iphone camera more than my DSLR :)

  4. Rose: I wil definitely do a round-up! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Megan: Glad to hear it! Of course :).

    Sana: Yay, go iPhones!


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