Saturday, August 28, 2010

quirky through and through

Good morning afternoon all! It's been a while, hasn't it? I was tying up loose ends at Quirky HQ, the amazing place I've been interning for the past three months. On average, it has taken me at least 10-15 minutes to explain, in-person, what exactly I did there... and now I'm going to try with the virtual world. Whether you know it or not, you should get excited :).
My primary one-liner has become the following: Quirky is a social product development company that works directly with inventors and a creative online community to turn their dreams into a reality through production, promotion, and distribution of whatever the product may be. Or, they're a bunch of the coolest fairy godmothers out there with a ton of innovative expertise, talent, and passion.
During my personal experience there, I was one of the people that helped to foster that process as I also learned a great deal about brand management, social media, public relations, and customer service. But the absolute best part about it? It was fun. Like really, really fun. I am going to miss every part of working with them, including the impromptu 3-hour lunches, business brainstorming sessions, coffee breaks, and inside jokes, rants, and sarcasm via IM.
I wuv 'em, if it isn't already obvious, and so I'd additionally like to promote some of their fantastic products. Please note that I'm not just saying these great things because I worked for them, or because I think they're doing a spectacular thing, I just think these are some awesome products and I don't doubt that you will too.
1. MugStir: This portable tea spoon is just adorable hanging on the side of a mug, and prevents wasting regular spoons or disposable stirrers. For $12.99, you can get a pack of three (in super cool colors) to keep at school, work, and home. 
2. FitKit: I'm no gym rat but I am familiar with how difficult it can be to juggle my phone, keys, towel, ID, head phones, and all other gym essentials, especially when I have to bring it all with me to class or work first. This $25 compact carrying case fits around water bottles, yoga mats (the one above belongs to my former boss!), or your arm if you happen to be doing an outdoor workout. Pretty darn convenient if you ask me.
3. Waffler. Sunday brunch, please! You can always make Belgian waffles, but, the mold plates also allow you to create what Quirky has deemed as "waffle shots," cup-shaped waffles with room for fruit, extra syrup, yogurt, or even whipped cream. For $68 I will be the weekend hostess with the mostest ;).
And that's just three of the dozens of phenomenal product ideas brought to life. I went into my last day yesterday bogged down with melancholy. I know, I'm dramatic and sentimental, but I can't help it. Then the lovely Shirley Chan walked in with sunflowers and mini-cupcakes for yours truly. I am a lucky, lucky girl.
Adios, Quirks. See ya on the flip side. 


  1. The mini cupcakes look amazing, as does the Waffler. Cute name as well! :) Sounds like you had a great internship!

  2. haha, what cool gadgets! i really like those spoons, too bad i don't drink things that need to be stirred very often! but i do like that waffler...hrm...

    and those mini cupcakes are tasty looking!

  3. What a cool experience! I am sure great things are to come for you!

  4. the fitkit thing is kind of neat! working with young, innovate companies must be good fun. everyone is teeming with ideas and enthusiasm for business opportunities and life, which i'm sure was a great environment for you to be in. i'll always kick myself for not interning while in college/ just after college. what fun!

  5. Little Bookworm: Glad you think so! Thanks :)

    Trying To Heal: Somebody needs to have a housewarming party ;)

    Meghan@travelwinedine: Thank you!

    crunchygranolagal: You're so awesome, thanks for your enthusiasm!


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