Sunday, August 1, 2010

cheers in excess

Why hello, my darlings. Happy August! What better way to kick-off the last official month of summer with a blog post, wouldn't you say?
Friday morning I woke up bright and early and ready to play; Katie was here visiting. After getting ready and packing a bag for later, I served us both breakfast. Mine: rolled oats cooked in almond milk, ground flax, blueberries and banana, with a green tea to go. One hour later, we took the train together, I went to work, and she went off to play shopping tourist for the day.
By night fall, however, we had reunited and joined a couple of other friends to celebrate Emily's birthday (left). We tried to dine elsewhere but ended up at Brother Jimmy's as the launching point for the night. This Southern-themed BBQ joint is always a good time but their menu doesn't allow for many veggie-infused choices.
So, I made my own entrée with yummy (and I mean yummy) sides: Smoky Corn and Black Bean Chow Chow, Spiced String Beans, and Sweet Potato Fries.
Then came the cocktails, and shots, and beer, and dancing. Followed by more beer and shots. You see, Emily turned 21, and although I personally didn't partake in every alcoholic part, no one was willing to leave her out. We barhopped around Murray Hill until her night was over, and then Katie and I headed to West Soho to meet other friends and continue drinking dancing into the night.
We went to bed just in time to see the sunrise. Oh. Yes. 
Saturday was pretty low-key as a result. Later, for the beginning of Katie's second night in NYC, we went to the East Village to watch my friend, Sarah Aument, perform. She is incredibly talented! It was so nice to support her while enjoying her music and the cool atmosphere that is Pianos.
Even though we'd eaten lunch late (or dinner early?) Katie and I split an amazing Mushroom Quesadilla and drank to the lovely Sarah Aument.
Afterwards, we mosied our way over to the Canal Room for more live music. In the middle of Tribeca and a dancing crowd, we sang along with Rubix Kube as they performed Back to the Eighties. Would it be too cliché for me to say I love the 80's? Oh well :) the show was awesome.
And that brings us to Sunday. I made sure not to stay out too late last night but still managed to sleep 'til noon this morning... I guess I needed it. I also needed to catch up with Leslie and have brunch at Tapeo 29.
The Spanish tapas bar is decorated in dark woods and exposed brick. They feature a relaxed atmosphere, Iberian music, the soft glow of candles, great service and, on Sunday mornings, unlimited mimosas or Bloody Marys. We were two very content diners. Brunch with girlfriends will become a tradition soon.
As per usual, Leslie and I ordered the same meal: Flamenco Eggs, eggs in a chunky piquant tomato sauce on a bed of sautéed vegetables & chorizo. At first we requested that the kitchen hold the sausage, but once we found out that the vegetables had already been prepared with it together, we ordered it anyway. I hardly eat meat, I've never liked sausage, but at a Spanish tapas bar, chorizo is appropriate in a delightful brunch dish. So are unlimited mimosas. Or Bloody Marys, depending on your fancy.
It only took us three and a half hours to part ways. Ahem ;). Anyway, on my walk to the subway, I passed this gorgeous little public garden.
I think that New York City is beautiful. Why? Because of the diversity of it's people, because of this history of it's buildings, and because no matter how much some may argue it to be a concrete jungle, it also appreciates nature.
Small doses of natural beauty. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, garden's are my thing. I've never planted anything on my own, I can't even keep bamboo alive (I don't want to talk about it), but being amongst flowers and green, wild or not, just makes me calm and happy. Happy and calm. I've been reading a particularly wonderful book lately that is in some way related to flowers (I will review it soon!) and it's had me thinking a lot about my childhood dream of having a small garden with a gazebo. Ah, one day.
I will do my best not to become a crazy plant lady ;) but I cannot make any promises regarding plants in their edible form. As I winded down from my whirlwind of a weekend, I ordered takeout with my sister. First, the Miso Soup.
Then, the salmon roll and cucumber/avocado roll, both with brown rice, and topped with pickled ginger when eaten. I love the lightness of a sushi meal. Almost as much as I love the comforts of my freshly made bed, which I am about to head into... now. Hope you've been well! Hasta mañana.


  1. Please share about your flower book! I love gardens as well, and I really am hoping to transform my new patio into a relaxing hobby. I'm research plants that will do well here.

  2. Spanish tapas + mimosas = happy.

  3. yesterday was purely fabulous. well, if you can consider 3.5 hours of mimosas pure.

    so my hotel in maine has this gorgeous lawn out front overlooking the ocean. there's a gazebo in the corner. not to make you jealous or anything. :)

  4. Love the veggie meal you cobbled together at the BBQ joint--I bet your food was the envy of the table!

  5. jenngirl: Oh I will! It's more fiction than non-fiction but I certainly learned a lot more about flowers than I already knew. I'll be sure to let you know and I can't wait to see what you do with a beautiful little garden of your own.

    Sagan: So. happy. :)

    leslie: Oh they bring pure to a whole new meaning! And about your other part of that comment... you're mean :).

    BroccoliHut: It actually was! Ha, the string beans were out of this world fresh and the sweet potato fries were magnificent.

  6. i really like that you have serious party stamina. love pianos (had no idea they serve food!) and i feel compelled to go to tapeo 29 after checkin' out your brunch shots.

    this could be really good. hang time soon, yes?

  7. crunchygranolagal: Haha, I had a friend to impress! Hang out time very, very soon :).


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