Tuesday, August 24, 2010

unchartered territory, again

Hi chicas (and chicos?), Happy Travel Tuesday! Guess what? We've reached the end of Road Trip USA, or at least my overview plan of it. In less than two weeks it'll really all begin. I can hardly believe it myself.
Stop number 23 will be in the funky college town of Madison, Wisconsin. I'm looking forward to some major Everythingitarian face time while crunching on healthy green meals, sampling the fabulous cheesy curds of the dairy state, and drinking the local brews. Although not all at once ;). I also hope my crazy wonderful host will take me the gardens at U.Wisconsin, or I obviously can venture there myself. Either way, foreseeing a great time is an absolute understatement.
From there I'm off to the city of Indianapolis. To do what? I have not yet decided. Anything you could recommend would be much appreciated! The NY Times (source of these pictures) suggests a run along the Canal Walk for views of fountains, gardens, and sculpture exhibitions. I've done this before, all throughout South America and Europe as I discussed in a guest post for Geek Turned Athlete, and it became one of my favorite ways to explore a city literally by foot.
Afterwards, I'll head into the City of Bridges. Touted by the Forbes as the U.S.'s most livable city, I don't doubt that it'll also be quite enjoyable for a visit... if nothing else, then for the chance for some art, food, and fun with none other than Rose, and possibly Betsy too. By the way, did you know that Pittsburgh has about 89 distinct neighborhoods? I will be one busy tourist, hopefully not too burnt out though because there's just one city left:
Syracuse, New York. Alright, I admit, it might not be the most unfamiliar of cities, but I will conveniently make the visit just in time for SU's Homecoming Weekend. There, I'll reunite with fellow graduated friends, my 5th year architecture gals, and a couple of favoritist young folk ;). If this trip is going to go out with a bang, (and boy, is it) that bang is bound to happen with this crowd. And once that is over?
I have not a clue! I feel like life is this insane maze, an Inception-worthy maze, and every time I think I've got the hang of the route to take, I suddenly turn a corner and I'm just as lost as I was when I started, maybe more so. By now maybe I should be used to the thrill of adventurous uncertainty... but I'm not at all. Once again, I'll come home from a trip that'll change my life, albeit my perspective on living, and be back at square one. Opportunities will be as seemingly endless as they are limited. Will I be happy and thankful for the experience? Sure, but it's also quite likely that that is the only thing I'll be sure of.
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Nomadic Matt for dinner. If you don't already know the guy, he is a self-professed vagabond who's regularly been on the road since 2005. Now, perhaps I should've prefaced this entire post  with one simple fact: dining with food bloggers is pleasantly satisfying, whereas dining with travel bloggers (at Café Asean, in this case) is enticingly dangerous.
You see, my dears, travel bloggers (like my new blend, Matt,) travel, inspire travel, and literally open up an entire world of personal travel possibilities that can lead one very impressionable food/travel/health blogger to consider a next move that extends beyond the cubicle. 'Tis the art of wanderlust seduction, I suppose ;). It was all such a treat though, including my plate of Halia Tofu stir-friend with Asian mushrooms, lotus root, and vegetables in a ginger wine sauce.
Wine? Did I hear wine? Oh yes, we had quite a few generous glasses of wine as well. More than enough actually to make me come home at midnight and break into my Japanese dessert stash. And yet even in my tipsy state, my ever-picky sweet tooth could not stand to finish the chocolate snack cake. There are sesame and green tea flavors, amongst others, as well but I'm waiting to try 'em. In the mean time, I'd rather focus on that I know, like music and wine, and Miss Leslie too. You'll be able to find us at City Winery for the rest of the night. And after that? Oh, please... as if I ever really know...


  1. Sounds like an amazing road trip! Love that it ends with your homecoming, have a great time!

  2. Wow, this road trip sounds like a lot of fun and a great opportunity to explore all the variety this country has to offer. Let me know if/when you'll be in the Portland, Oregon area! That place is a GOLD MINE for twenty-somethings (amazing food, nightlife, art/hip scene, coffeeshops, etc)

  3. oh la la this sounds epiccccccc.

    live it up!!!!!!! take a million bazillion pics pretty please. :)

  4. YAYYYYYYYY I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME! Kristie and I already have a veggie dinner planned at the Weary Traveler and then we are hitting up the Old Fashioned for brews n' curds. DOn't argue with me on that one :)

    Anyways, I just caught up on all your posts! Such fab meet-ups you've had lately - I am dying for the day I can go to NYC and meet crunchy and veggiepatch myself!

    love you lots,

  5. Wow Road Trip USA sounds so incredible! I can't wait for you to figuratively take us along for the ride :)

  6. Your trip sounds AMAZING! And you're coming to my city - the good ol' burgh! omigosh!

    I'd love to go to all of those places, so I can't wait to follow your journey!

  7. So bummed you're going to be in Pittsburgh and I have just left it! You will have a grand time - there's SO much to offer and you will be in good hands! Enjoy all those bridges and tunnels! Amazing views at night from them.

  8. Ooh, have fun dear! Be sure to say hi to Holly for me--I've never met her, but she's one of my fave bloggers:)

  9. Now I really want to go on a USA road trip :) You are going to have a blast exploring each location!

    I love just being able to explore new places without any fear, and seeing everything for the first time.
    My bank account can't support this new hobby of mine ;)

  10. Bec: Thanks, girl!

    sprinkledwithcinnamon: I sure hope so! I'll be there the beginning of October and alert you soon as to when exactly :).

    Shannon, Tropical Eats: A million, bazillion, quatrillion, my dear :). Get excited!

    Holly: Wahooooo! And after, you WILL come to NYC. 0:)

    thiswindingroad: Thank you, me neither!

    Susan: Yay, thanks!

    thetwentyfifthyear: Oh no! Well surely you will come back to say hello, right? ;) Any recs would be very much appreciated!

    BroccoliHut: Done and done :).

    Sana: Ha, it'll certainly be a financially-straining adventure but I think I've planned pretty well. Here's to hoping ;).


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