Sunday, August 29, 2010

days of contrasts

Almost every morning I wake up with yoga. When I can, I pair it with Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus. When I can't, I follow it with some brewing coffee. Afterwards, I make my bed, get dressed and prettified (you know it's a word), and have breakfast. It's always oatmeal, banana, almond butter, and, then, if I'm lucky, berries. Raspberries are my favorite. The only exception is a vegetable omelette with buttered toast, like this past Saturday's brunch, for instance. I don't hold myself to this habitual routine for any other reason other than the fact that it works for me. In another week, however, I have no idea what my AM routine will look like, and it will probably change each and every morning. 
My days are usually undefined. In the past they contained class schedules and working hours. For the next seven days they will be filled with last minute cleaning, pending errands, and intelligent packing sessions. And in the weeks that follow? More concrete planning is in the works, but for now: driving, walking through downtowns, driving, cultural venue exploring, driving, museum-hopping, sightseeing, driving, making new friends, and more driving. There will be a few local cuisine tastings too, you can count on that. 
Assuming that you're interested, here's the most updated Road Trip USA list: Philadelphia, Raleigh, Savannah, Montgomery, New Orleans, San Antonio, Salina, Oklahoma City, Denver, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Eureka, Portland, Seattle, Coeur D'Alene, Bozeman, Rapid City, Sioux City, Madison, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse. Please let me know if you're going to be out and about at any point along the way!
If I could, I'd end each day with either wine or chocolate... or possibly both. That's not always the case though. When the evening is preceded by a day an afternoon of beer, for example, I willingly pass. (Somebody please tell me those kinds of days occur following college graduation). Then again, when I make happy hour plans with an old friend, a rare but much appreciated mixed drink is preferred. What you see above is a Leninade (citrus vodka, lemon juice & fresh mint) from Pravda, a sophisticated underground Russian bar.
I've never claimed to be perfect. I'm not. I do like to eat healthfully and exercise regularly but that doesn't necessarily translate to my daily reality. I savor my independence but letting go scares the s*** out of me. I've prepared myself quite well for a successful career but I have doubts about how ready I am to have a real job. I thoroughly enjoy wine and chocolate (and good beer and quality liquors) but I don't always consume them for the taste. I am excited and unnerved by the wide, open road ahead of me (literally and figuratively). And yet, I wake up each day with high hopes for what's to come. My smile may not always be authentic but my optimism sure is. We're hitting the road, jacks, and we're hitting it soon.


  1. What a trip you have planned! I live in Raleigh, so let me know when you're passing through:)

  2. You are awesome! I am pretty sure we have no idea what real life really is about and we have to be in the moment and enjoy as we go :)

  3. I feel like your road trip is going to be a life-changing experience. There are so many cities I'd like to see in this country, and I can't imagine a better way to see them!

  4. i am so f-ing excited for your road trip. i can't even put it into words. you know when you go off on an adventure, and you know it will change you, but you have absolutely no idea how? that is exactly what is waiting for you. i get all squeal-y and excited just thinking about it.

    i'll pass on the contact info for my friends in denver. do you have people to stay with in seattle? because i know someone out there too that might be able to help you out. we will have to talk all about this tomorrow!

  5. I assure you that afternoons of beer-drinking do happen after college (in fact, they might happen MORE frequently. Haha).

    Your road trip is going to rock. And you're going to learn so much about yourself and what you want and what you're ready for. I don't think that life would be quite so awesome if we weren't sometimes really scared.

  6. I live in Pittsburgh, so let me know if you'd like to grab a bite while you're in town. I think there are a few other burgh bloggers as well!

  7. I'm excited to see you next week!

  8. BroccoliHut: Sending you an email now!

    Sana: Aw, thank you... so are you :) I appreciate your wise words.

    Gabriela: I sure hope so! It's a long ride to take otherwise ;) I'm so excited/scared for how it'll change me.

    leslie: Oh boy do I know what you're talking about. Hasta mañana, my love!

    Sagan: Haha, I miss you. You're right, thanks so much.

    Susan: I definitely will contact you with dates and such :) thanks for speaking up!

    Rachel: So am I! Ah, I can't believe it's all really happening.

  9. Hi there :)

    was first introduced to your blog via The Lost Girls. Since then, I'm hooked to it. I love your outlook and view about life and I wish that I'll soon be able to step out of my comfort zone, finally figure out what i want to do in life and move forward! :) meanwhile, I'll read your blog and gain inspiration and encouragement! :)

  10. blisschic: Hi! I'm so flattered that you find my blog so inspiring and encouraging. I definitely don't have my life figured out right now, nor do I know if I ever will... but I do try :). Thank you so much for the comment!

  11. What a wonderful, exciting adventure you have planned! I'm excited to read along with you. And eat some chocolate/drink some chocolate as I do!

  12. You'll be fine!

    what a routine though! When you go to central america, you'll be able to keep me from being lazy...

  13. That looks like the perfect breakfast to start the day with!

  14. I love how honest and optimistic you are :)

    That's what trips like these are for :) You'll figure it out eventually, and this amazing road trip you have planned is such a great part of the adventure. Have fun and enjoy!!

  15. Angharad: Thank you! Please share ;)

    Nomadic Matt: Thanks for the reassurance! ...and hopefully :).

    Simply Life: Mmm, it's my favorite.

    carolinavogue: Thanks, darling. You're so right!


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