Thursday, October 30, 2008

un almuerzo especial

Oh my gosh... I am so useless today. Last night was so fun and I probably had too much of a good time. No, I'm sure I had too much of a good time :) it was only Wednesday night! I loved dressing up and it was one of the nights where I took the time to get ready and was quite fond of the way I looked before I left. Don't you love that? My friend is sending me pictures, so I can show you soon, haha. We went to Jorge's apartment for a little pre-party entertainment and then to the club. As I've said before, it was on top of Cerro Santa Lucia, which is awesome because of the view, but it's also in a beautiful building, attracts a great crowd, plays awesome music and has a huge dance floor. I'm a fan.
Following my night of debauchery 0:) I woke up much later than expected and missed my Body Balance class and morning run. I'm hoping I can get to the gym later, I know I'll feel better afterwards. Anyway, I had a quick breakfast, cleaned up, and helped my "mom" prepare lunch. Her cousin, Pamela, whom I met at the dieciocho fiesta came to visit us and it ended up being a long meal of great food, great people, and great conversation. The best. Those two are my absolute favorite Chilean women and I cannot wait for our coffee date next week!
I feel weird not explaining the food :) We had a Italian-Veggie Frittata, and rice mixed with carrots and green beans. Then we had una Ensalada Carmen Gloria (tomatoes, corn, onions, drizzled with olive oil) y lechuga. Delicious. I'm off to take a nap and then hopefully get in some studying before this evening's class. Tomorrow we're taking a trip to Valpo for a touristy day and a major Chilean Halloween celebratory night, so I've gotta be in tip -top shape! Speaking of, the costume still has yet to be determined, lol. Hope you're having a fabulous day!

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