Saturday, October 25, 2008

nada, nada, nada

So... I've got nothin'!

The Indian place we went to Thursday night, Restaurant Majestic, was just descent and the best part about it was probably the ambiance. I could definitely tell a Latin American spin on authentic cuisine. I've gotten spoiled from the scrumptious little hole in the wall places that my best friend takes me to in the city I guess! Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries immediately at the beginning of the meal so I have no pictures to share, I'm so sorry :(. To start we ordered Samosas, deep fried pastry triangles with meat and vegetables. I'd give them a five out of ten. Mine was yummy but it reminded me more of an empanada than anything else. We then split a large order of Naan and Rice for the table and had our own little separate dishes, I got the Vegetable Kashmiri since I wasn't too hungry and felt like some spice. This was good but not nearly as hot as I think it should of been. I also sampled other dishes that were just, okay. Oh well, lol, I felt like such a snob because everyone else was thrilled.

Alright, so I had gotten a bit too excited for a mediocre restaurant but it was nice to go out to eat for a change and with my favorite people. Plus, I had Friday and Saturday to look forward to. Earlier in the day my program had a Empanadas cooking class and then I was supposed to go with a few of my friends to Viña del Mar y Valparaiso. The cities are super close so we would have been spending time in both. So, Friday night was a birthday party at a club and Saturday, today, we were planning on going to a beach asado. Yet I'm sitting at home writing this post.

I woke up early yesterday morning with one of the most intense stomach pains ever. I feel like I'm constantly complaining about mi aguata, it's become very sensitive to everything apparently, but this was like nothing I had ever felt before. I had gotten food poisoning from the Indian food that I didn't even enjoy that much ¡Qué pena! I spent most of my day between my bed and the little girl's room and hardly ate a thing. I've never been so incredibly uncomfortable. I even took the medicine that I had from the gastrointestinal infection but it hardly helped. Nonetheless I never made it out of the house, let alone to the coast... and my friend, who I was supposed to share a hostel room with, is pissed at me. Seriously, she sent me a text message that started off, "thanks for screwing me over..." and got worse from there.
What?! I didn't reply yesterday because I didn't have the energy but even now that I'm feeling half-way better I still don't know what to say. I'm still shocked that she reacted so selfishly and felt the need to message me in such a mean tone. Obviously I would've much rather gone and obviously I didn't get sick on purpose; I was just as disappointed. Ugh, I hate the way girls are! So, anyway, yeah, like I said, I've got nothin' for you all and again, I apologize. No pictures, nor foodie stories, not even any cool sights. I figure I'd use this unexpected free day to get in some research for on my organic agriculture project. And in the mean time, I may or may not eat anything interesting, (although I'm not in pain, I still don't have much of an appetite,) but I'll let you know. Take care bloggies, I hope you're enjoying your weekend more than I am!

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