Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is Jake... and I miss him dearly. Yesterday my mom sent me pictures of him and his sister, Taylor from their pumpkin-picking trip. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but in addition to being a real estate agent, my mom also watches children in our home during the week. The kids have practically grown up with us, so being away from them is nearly as tough as being away from family! Jake is my favorite (shh, don't tell) and he promised that he'd enjoy the fall season for me- pumpkin carving, apples, cider, colored leaves, hay rides, all of it :).
Thank you to all my wonderful readers who commented yesterday! It's so nice to know that I don't always have to portray a perfect worldly life, you girls are the best. Anyway :) I snacked on a granola bar and large pear during my amazing class so I wasn't hungry for dinner last night. I finally settled on a cheese and romaine lettuce sammie. My host-dad had just bought bread... it was awesome, so so yummy!
This morning I ate a quick 2 slices of PB, Banana & Flax toast and literally ran to the gym for Body Balance class. Our regular instructor was present in addition to a guest, nice surprise! The two kept switching teaching roles so our routine was completely new. My body could definitely tell, whew, love it! After, I ran errands with my "mom" before sitting down to a lunch of left-overs, Pastel de Papas y ensalada.
I took a delicious up close and personal shot... so I thought I'd share ;). This afternoon is probably going to be filled with online paper work (does that even make sense?) for the French government. I can't believe I'm actually leaving here in less than 2 months and then heading to there! It's all so bittersweet. See you after dinner, HAPPY TUESDAY!

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