Thursday, October 16, 2008

la isidora

¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Que los cumplan feliz!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a la Isidora!
¡Cumpleaños feliz!

And there you have it :).

By the way, this delicious salad with tuna was my lunch. I just about finished it, lol, there were almost too many fresh yummy veggies. Possible?
Now I must bid you farewell, my lovelies. Tonight I embark on my journey south to Pucón for a weekend-long trip. What exactly do I plan on doing there? Oh... you know... probably a hike through a national park, a white-water rafting ride down a river, a visit to a artisan market, a dip into a hot spring, and then a climb up and into an active volcano. Whoo hoo, what fun! Wishing you an equally as exciting weekend! ;)

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