Thursday, October 16, 2008

m&m madness

What happened to Wednesday?! I apologize not posting like I said I would... I was literally going and going and going until 10 when I crashed into my bed, missing the review of the long-awaited debates. No worries, I'm catching up now :). Here's the foodie recap:
Yesterday's lunch, Salmon patties and a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. Scrumptious combination and fuel for the afternoon. Btw, I finished my Campus France al fin, what a relief... if only that was it!
This is last night's dinner... I don't remember what it was called, ha, sorry. I was so tired it's all kind of a blur. Looking back, it consisted of white beans, kale, tomatoes, celery, potatoes, and onions in a tomato-based broth. Sound yummy? That it was, my dear, that it was.
By the time I got around to baking yesterday evening it was too late. Not time-wise but considering that everyone was home and the idea was to eat the cookies tomorrow night, haha, it was basically impossible. So! I made them this morning instead, using M&Ms because there was no chocolate chips anywhere (?) and everything else you see in the spread, plus some ground flax seed (don't mind her, she's a little camera shy.)

I measured, and sifted, and whisked, and mixed, and baked and came out with these pretty little babies in my first batch. As I was photographing them like I proud parent I realized how hungry I was... so I made some brekkie while the second group was in the oven.
I had a large coffee with milk and PB Banana and Flax sammie. I wasn't kidding when I said my stomach wanted food, haha, I practically ate half of it before, couldn't wait. P.S. delicious as usual :).
After all had cooled they came together to create a plate of chocolatey goodness, m&mm&mm&mm&m. So creative ;) I can't wait to have some for dessert tonight. And on the note: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños mi hermana Isidora! She turned the big 11 today, a new pretty little Chilean pre-teen on the scene. See you tonight for a lunch and celebratory dinner overview! Enjoy your Thursday everyone, great weekend up ahead!
Last but certainly not least, HAPPY BELATED LOVE YOUR BODY DAY! It's too often that we don't give our bodies enough credit for being as beautiful, able, and strong as they are, and they deserve to be appreciated! Today, tomorrow, and every day to come, be proud of not only everything you are, but every single thing you're made of. Sure it's not easy, but I pledge to try my very best... for my body's sake :).

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