Wednesday, May 14, 2014

le mois de mai

This just in: I'm very happily overwhelmed in the midst of my hectic schedule. The mariage is next. My flight leaves New York at 6am tomorrow morning. I'll have waterproof mascara in tow. In the mean time, I've unpacked half of my Parisian apartment, coordinated outfits for their wedding events, made reservations for my parents' visit, and chatted with potential next city roommates.
Before any of it though, I spent one responsibility-less day in Paris. I met Amy for coffee, went to a museum with Lorelei, and stopped by "Rachael's bar" for a drink. I thought about how grateful I am to have lived this unsustainable experience in La Ville-Lumière. Two days following, I awoke at home to blue skies (see above) and a holiday. It's been crazy. Crazy, and wonderful, too.

P.S. So, so sorry for having accidentally deleted your comments from my blog posts of the past two months. Please know I've read and still appreciate every single one.


Penny for your thoughts...