Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Friends, I have news: my master's thesis is fini ! I submitted it roughly 56 hours ago, before heading out for a most crazy-rewarding 24 hours of volunteering at the OECD Forum, so I'm only just now appreciating how incredible (and unnerving) that is. I hope my baby research and writing are received well. Also of note: "the beginning of the end" has officially begun; thus these deep thoughts.
Between my own choices and life's serendipity, I've experienced such mixed feelings rather frequently--eagerly looking forward to what's to come while tenderly savoring what I'll soon have to let go of. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm going to miss Paris. I am. Like crazy. And not even the Paris we see in movies and on Instagram necessarily... but the city that's very much become my own; much like New York had previously. It's hard to imagine myself settling into another cosmopolitan ville in just two short months.
Although I can't reveal which one quite yet, I will tell you that reading this past week's Astrostyle horoscope made me smile. "You might even consider moving to a new part of town, one where you can get your Gemini RDA of culture, intellectual repartee, and awesome brunch options." Replace "a new part of town" with "a new part of the world" and I've recently accepted their suggestion.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Not yet. Instead, please allow me to share last Saturday's Nanashi brunch. 'Twas a good one! For as much as I'd hoped to go to a healthy Meetup with Melanie (she's since relocated to Rome), my delay was fortunate in that I got to meet the darling Dunia and more at a Franco-Japanese cantine I've been curious about since last year's lunch at Café Pinson.
The fabulous meal, company, and conversation fueled one of my last productive bouts at Café Craft. Then, I walked up along the canal (an especially good choice for my heart and soul), admired these photographs at metro Juarès, and made my way home...

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