Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It's official! My parents are coming to Paris, for my graduation, in less than two months. Not even (April Fools) joking. I'm in awe of how soon that is. Excited, too, since it'll be my dad's first time in Europe. As such, I've been brainstorming ways to trick him (an anything-but-average Parisian tourist) into falling in love with this city. Thus far, I've got casual tacos on the canal, wine tasting on the Seine, and many unpretentious gastronomic restos. A love of good food and wine runs in the family. Bringing him to appreciate the art and history will be tougher. Thankfully, there's THATLou: treasure hunts through the Louvre and (THATRue) Latin Quarter.
Last Sunday, Daisy invited me to launch THATRue with dozens of other bloggers and entrepreneurs. It was even more fun than expected; "zigzagging between Jardin du Luxembourg and Place Saint-Michel" with my Musketeerette teammates, Faye and Elodie.
And we won! Somehow. It wasn't at all mostly my doing. Nonetheless, we all received generous gift bags from The Chamber, and, as a personal bonus, more ideas for commemorating this invaluable experience in Paname with my parents. Always a bon dimanche.

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