Friday, May 30, 2014


I've always been a fan of birthdays. What a wonderful occasion it is to celebrate someone you love on an otherwise ordinary day. What a wonderful occasion, too, to reflect on another year well-lived. Yesterday, I reveled in my own in Paris for the second time: a healthful lunch at Préface, cookie and coffee at Loustic, souvenir-shopping at Merci, and finally, drinks (and frites) at Le Perchoir. It was a calm city day with confidents I adore; so unlike previous ones at vineyards/beaches/my parent's backyard, but just as sweet.
Last year, I all but freaked out about turning 25--the same age my mom was when she had me. I was stressed about finishing grad school courses, starting an internship abroad, and figuring out the formula to successfully putting down roots, embarking on a satisfying career, and falling in love forever (with eventual little loves in tow). Silly, silly girl, I am. Not one of those concerns occurred to me yesterday... and not just because I've already graduated. In the time and space between 25 and 26, I've gained a whole new perspective. As Jamie Varon wrote, "what’s most important is who we are, not what we are; how we lived, not what we did." And it's simply unbelievable how enough we are. Now, as each day brings me closer the big 2-7, I resolve to continue to work hard and be kind, celebrate often and appreciate always. I'll probably never stop being sentimental nor nostalgic, but gosh, how happy I am to have the chance to nurture relationships with friends and family I endlessly love and admire from near and far. Fin. My next few days will be spent putting finishing touches on this glorious Parisian chapter before "danielle abroad" moves home. Not for long though. Little by little, things do fall into place, and soon after arriving in New York, I'm relocating, again. Please stay tuned :).


  1. Happy Birthday!!! It's amazing how much can change in a year - not only in terms of our plans and location, but in terms of our perspective. So excited for this next chapter in your life :)

  2. hi danielle, love reading your blog. is the photo of the glassware from merci or? wishing the best for you!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much. Yes, the glassware photo is from merci... though they change their selection often so I'm not sure it's there anymore. The store is always worth a visit :)


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