Friday, January 3, 2014

my madre

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She made us grilled cheeses for lunch and we surprised her with a Broadway show that evening. Before then though, I gave her a card with a quote by Abraham Lincoln: "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."
Upon arriving home, I almost immediately (and unintentionally) compared my path to those of friends I'd been missing. Yesterday, on the other hand, I considered how my parents' lives have influenced my own; more so than a quick glance would suggest.
My mom moved out of her parents' house at 18 and worked full-time throughout her local collegiate studies. She's lived in the New York area ever since, except for a few months in Los Angeles with her cousin. She had a 1-y/o daughter (me) at the age I am now.
My circumstances have been entirely different because of how she lived her own. I've never met anyone more hardworking and resourceful, thoughtful and clever, and so freaking generous. She helped my father start his business, then started one of her own, and eventually pursued another professional interest in addition. She signed me up for everything, took us on vacation every chance she got (sometimes solo because my dad had to work), and showed me what it means to have an open heart to absolutely everyone.
Though I doubt I'll ever make as many friends as she does waiting in line, it's because of her that I know the courage to turn dreams into my reality. And for the record, I am capable of preparing grilled cheese for myself... she just happens to still do it best.

P.S. My dad gets credit, too, of course, but he has a summer birthday :).


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