Sunday, September 19, 2010

together in the lone star state (san antonio)

¡Hola, hola, hola! We really ought to catch on up. Texas was phenomenal. Not because of the sights, not even because of the food (although it was pretty darn good), but because I got to hang out with my little for about 36 hours. She is awesome and so much cooler than me ;). I really really missed her. Anyway, seeing as I sound like I'm pretty much going to start a Rachel fan club, how 'bout we move on to the official recap, no?
I arrived in San Antonio late on Tuesday night after a wretched (read: long and boring) drive from New Orleans.
Since Rachel was working, I unpacked my car a bit and then strolled on down the street, laptop in tow, to the nearest wi-fi location. Consequently, Candelight was a wine bar. My little stopped in on her way back. An obviously amazing yet low-key night ensued.
If you're unfamiliar with what exactly I mean by "little," it is short for little sister. Rachel pledged Syracuse's AXO a year after me, and soon after, joined my generational family within the sisterhood. Confused yet? Yeah, I know. Basically, I was a sorority sister that was a year older than her. We joined at different times and yet complimented each other well. Thus, I became somewhat of an assigned mentor/friend in the house. 
If you've followed me this past year, you may not recognize the name, and that would be because at the end of my junior year (the one I spent abroad) she transferred out of SU and into Trinity where she is currently enrolled. In a selfish way, it makes me sad, but seeing how happy and secure she is now has erased that completely. Plus, if nothing else, her San Antonio apartment is adorable :).
[kitchen decór]
[the study]
[living room]
Yes, I agree, she is ridiculously creative. I loved being able to explore her new home and new life.
On Wednesday morning, I headed to Olmos Perk for blog work, emails, and job applications while Rachel was in class.
By one she came to meet me, and after asking what I was craving (my answer: a huge green salad), whisked me off to a fun little café, Mad Hatters.
My Vegetarian Field Green Salad with mashed avocado, boiled egg, feta, chili roasted pecans, tomato, cucumber, pickled onion and blackberry sage tea vinaigrette (phew), was, fantastic.
 Then the real San Antonio tour began.
 [Sandra Cisneros' house]
[the Alamo]
I couldn't photograph the original artwork inside, sorry.
[Blue Star Brewery (afternoon snack?)]
Insert my afternoon nap here.
Later that evening, Rachel and I went to her favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, Paloma Blanca. It did not disappoint.
[Skinny Margarita]
[Enchiladas Dimas: shrimp and mushroom enchiladas covered in their Salsas Dimas (with white wine). Served with poblano corn white rice sautéed vegetables and Ensalada Esmeralda.]
And as if a delicious meal wasn't enough, we went downtown to stroll along the lovely river walk.
In addition to Cucubumber Tinis at Soho Wine & Martini Bar. Please notice the typical San Antonian chili salt surrounding the edge of the glass.
I know I've been saying this quite often lately, but I'm really not exaggerating when I keep saying that I have a spectacular time. I just may have the best little in the entire world. Not to mention that our short but sweet visit was followed by a bloggie coffee date and a weekend reunion with K. You'll have to hang tight for those travel stories though. Stay tuned!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the bedroom and the mannequin (I'm sure there is some technical term for that) with all the necklaces - what a GREAT way to organize!!!

  2. She really does have a knack for decor! That is fantastic! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. Caitlin: I think so too! I would say mannequin :)

    Erin @ Girl & Her Mutt: Thanks so much!

  4. aww danielle!!!
    i didnt see this until now bc ive been working/studying my face off. Im glad you failed to mention that our snack consisted of beer. aww danielle i miss you!!! come back and live on my couch!
    MISS YOU!!!

    (oh and i believe the technical term for the mannequin is a "dress form" : )

  5. rachel k 486: I miss you! And I want to live on your couch. You can teach me about dress forms, and I can, um, well, I guess we can work out the details later.


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