Wednesday, September 15, 2010

on the road again (savannah - montgomery)

Howdy friends! It has certainly been too long. Today we have yet another belated vlog along with photographs from the quickie overnight in Montgomery. Tomorrow? An overview of my adventure in New Orleans. Last night, as I uploaded this post, I was sitting at a wine bar down the street from my friend's apartment in San Antonio... and for the record, I really could get used to this life.


  1. glad to hear the couch-surfing is going well and isn't creepy/ scary! (i'll keep my fingers crossed for you). your photographs have been beeeeautiful, girl. keep it up.

    oh, and i have a picture of myself in front of the girl scouts sign outside of the original house in savannah :) good times.

  2. crunchygranolagal: Ha, thank you :). Great times, my friend, great times.


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