Saturday, September 18, 2010

fill 'er up (new orleans - san antonio)


  1. I'm LOVING these road trip posts and videos!! :)

  2. i love how i know exactly where you're driving. hahahaha!

    have fun in san antonio. the riverwalk is gorgeous...there are three ice cream shops along the walk and i recommend all of them. they were sampled after my 1/2 i ran last!!!

    <3 you and be safe!

  3. Oh! i forgot! traveling like that and being independent i think is the greatest part! don't be afraid of it, embrace it and know nothing is holding you back! that is what i had to realize when i traveled in Australia for an entire month by myself!!!

  4. Great vlog! :D It's really interesting to hear about your road trip.

  5. see look how easy it is being independent. you'll be fine in central america. my videos are gonna be great with u editing them lol

  6. So interesting to hear your thoughts on the 9th ward and NO.

    I'm in a completely different situation than you right now, but I can completely relate to your feeling of fear and anxiety at being alone/without a plan. It is the scariest thing but it teaches you SO much about yourself. I think it's great that you are doing this!

    See you in San Antonio!

  7. VeggieGirl: Aw, thank you girl! I am loving making them :).

    Trying To Heal: Haha, I know. And I feel bad that you do ;). Thanks for the tips, both of the culinary and life kind. You're the best.

    Little Bookworm: Thanks, love!

    Nomadic Matt: Oh, one can only hope!

    Susan: Thank you. It is complicated to think about and comment on but I thought it was very much worth mentioning. I really appreciate your support and encouragement! I have to remember to remind myself of this comment when I start to doubt myself :).


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