Sunday, September 12, 2010

sweeter than... (savannah, ga)

a Georgia peach. Walking through Savannah, I felt like I was in a movie, in a dream, and I loved every second of it. It was beautiful and my hosts were absolutely amazing. In total, I think I wandered for 12 hours through its historic streets of Southern charm... and I have the photographs to prove it. Enjoy:
[Thursday afternoon walks]
[Coffee break]
[Spinach salad too]
[Graduate school?]

[Green refreshment]
[Friday house tours]

[Boutique shopping]
[Art gallery exploration]
[Riverfront stroll]
[Barney butter & flatbread snack]
[honoring Girl Scout roots]
[Gourmet Southern dinner at 700 Drayton]

[Merlot & Cab Sauv blend, House salad]
[Pan Seared Atlantic Scallops, hickory smoked tomato grits, wild mushrooms, asparagus ragout]
[Downtown for the night with CouchSurfing host & friends]
Honestly, I did not want to leave. I wouldn't mind moving back some day; perhaps to live in that green and red house above? Surrounded by old homes, clothing boutiques, art galleries,  and antique shops? Hm, it's a thought :). Time to explore Montgomery and then make my way over to New Orleans. Ciao for now!


  1. omg i am so jealous of you being in savannah. I wanted to go there when i was in fl, take a detour you know? now i'm really sad i didn't go! glad you're enjoying it!!!

  2. Yay Savannah! Great pics danielle. Looks like you're having a blast. Can't wait to hear more about the trip when you're home. Call Sean when you get to NO. xoxo, Katie

  3. much fun! i only wish i could go with you on this venture - we seem like very similar travelers. snacks, museums, walking, boutique shopping...

    can't wait for you to come visit! lots of love - and safe travels!



  4. I've always wanted to visit Savannah--looks like a truly lovely place!

  5. i was in savannah a few years back and LOVED it - it's as cute as you've displayed in pictures :)

    it looks as if your road trip is going well thus far, lady! i am so proud of you for executing this whole thing - it's looking AWESOME and is such fun to read about! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures - I love Savannah and hope I can go back again one day...!

  7. Have you ever read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? It's set in Savannah and so evocative of that gorgeous place! Highly recommend it once you've left and are missing it!

    Love your photos!

  8. Georgia looks so beautiful, like an old American dream!

  9. When I was there, we stayed in a hotel right on the riverfront.. and went on the little touristy cruise boat that is in the background of one of those pics :) I LOVE THE TREES!!!

  10. Ahh I have heard such wonderful things about how gorgeous Savannah is - clearly they were all true! I'm so glad you are enjoying your time. I'm in a coffee shop now but plan to check out those videos ASAP!!!

  11. Absolutely stunning photographs! A few people from my high school went down to SCAD. That dessert looks so great!

  12. Trying To Heal: I am jealous of my previous self that was in Savannah. Let's go back together some time soon, k?

    Anonymous: Thank you, dear! I saw him yesterday! Talk soon.

    Holly: Let's be serious, we're very similar people :) see you soon!

    BroccoliHut: Lovely doesn't even begin to cover it ;). You should take a ride, it's worth it!

    crunchygranolagal: Lucky you! Aw, gee :) thanks, love. I miss my ny buddies though, not gonna lie!

    Heather: Thank you, and ditto!

    Angharad: Oh my gosh, thanks for the rec! I have not ever read it but I will get my hands on it as soon as I possibly can now. I am most definitely missing it.

    Susan: Ah, and it is!

    Rachel: Sounds amazing. I love the trees so much I would marry them if I could ;).

    Caitlin: Aren't they though? Thanks!

    littlemisspotato: Thank you, dear. Dessert? Are you talking about the frozen yogurt? It was a delightful

  13. what gorgeous photos! have a great time in new orleans! I cant wait to read the next chapter in your awesome road trip

  14. Bec: Thanks so much! I'm working on it now.

  15. Danielle! Hey, Yankee!

    It's so great to be able to keep up with you on your roadtrip via your blog. You're always welcome in Savannah. I am so jealous of your itinerary and can't wait to see what kind of adventures await you on the west coast.
    Go, Danielle! Vrooooom!

  16. Giovanna Zofia: Ha, Yankee :). Yay, and thank you! I hope to return soon! xo


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