Wednesday, September 8, 2010

magical movie fail

Hi chickadees! I'm winding down from an exciting day in Raleigh, NC. Want to hear all about it?! Well. I just can't help you with that one quite yet :). But I did want to post today. You have no idea how much I did! I have been trying to upload a vlog since last night, and for whatever reason, it's not working out well.
So I figured I'd share some of my pictures from Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.
They were pretty incredible, to say the least. Unfortunately, my viewing was kept to the outside since they were closed when I stopped by before heading south.
The ride went well. I mentioned all this in the vlog that you may never see. :'(
Yes, I am upset about it. Nine minutes of filming myself in a car, (like a crazy person, I might add)... for nothing.

Perhaps I'll be able to do it tomorrow when I'm in Savannah? Oh yeah, because that's where we're onto next. I was so thrilled to spent time with Lene and Julia, meeting Rachel and friends has been such a treat, but now it's time for a little Georgia-loving. See you there!


  1. Catching up here - so glad you had such an amazing Philly experience. I spent almost two years there covering many many events and one of my most memorable experiences was with Issac Zagar, the man who created that sculpture garden on South Street! His son made a documentary about it. Check it out sometime!

    Safe travels, can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Glad Philly was the bomb and more! The Magic Gardens are pretty spectacular.

  3. I'm loving the travel blogs! Still drooling over that last chips and guac photo. Keep em coming :)

  4. Oh me too! That's amazing that you met Issac Zagar, I'll be sure to check out the documentary ASAP.

    Susan: Agreed!

    Gillian: Thanks, sweetheart! You have my word :)


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