Saturday, December 20, 2008

y felicidad

I've had the song in my head all day :). Sooo I had a great night with my family, extended family, and muchisimo dancing!

Before we left my mom took full advantage of her dolled up children... we finally got the nearly perfect (my bro's jacket) Christmas card pic!
Following a cocktail hour we all took our places at our tables for the first plate. I ate the kiwi and the strawberry and gave the rest away. Then my cousins pulled me on the dance floor for an intermission. They know how to party ;) but I'm glad I made it back in time for the pasta course, Penne alla Vodka. I wish I could've had more than a few bites but the waitress was very eager and before I knew it... it was gone.
Fortunately she also brought the Ceasar salads out quickly. They were nice and light on the dressing, just the way I like it. And for the main dish, I had the Salmon in a lemon-dill sauce with steamed vegetables and roasted potatoes on the side. Very, very good. I apologize for the lack of pictures though, eating by candlelight is always nice but doesn't make for the best food pictures.
Next the moment we've all been waiting for, lol, the cake! It's funny how excited I was about it... I'm really not a fan of cake, there's been many a birthdays in which I was the only one who passed on my own birthday cake... I'm so weird. This one was classic and pretty and actually not that bad ;). Beautiful bride, huh?
What a night! I'm rather wiped out today because of it so I made sure to have a cup of coffee alongside today's breakfast. I LOVE GRAPEFRUIT. Whew, okay, I needed to get that out of my system. I've had such a good Sunday: breakfast alongside the boy, ridding sleds and making snowmen with the boy, watching Home Alone with the boy, more time with the boy. I was in very good company, lol. Now that he's home safe and sound I have to help my momma make some dinna para nosotros and go eat. Hope that you had a fabulous day, see you tonight!

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