Friday, December 5, 2008

feelin' chilly

...and so not ready for winter. Oh my gosh, to be honest, the fact is that reverse culture shock is most definitely worse than culture shock. I'm safe and sound at home...and yet? I'm glad to be off that forever-long plane ride and to spend time with my family whom I haven't seen in way too long, I'm excited to go back up to school and see everyone who isn't expecting me (the boyfriend is the only that knows I'm coming early!) but I don't know how happy I am to not be in Chile anymore.
My mom is among the group that is, however, and tonight she's making a Thanksgiving dinner in my honor! So sweet :) I'm so looking forward to my favorite American holiday, yummy food, and seeing my grandparents. Hope all is well bloggies, I'll be back again soon!

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