Wednesday, December 17, 2008

gobble gobble, go ho ho

I'm feeling so festive today! Ready for a double holiday post? First, here's the long-awaited recap of my belated Thanksgiving dinner ;)
Roasted Vegetables
Stuffing... how can something so bad be so damn good?!
Cranberry sauce and Red Cabbage
Delectable! I enjoyed a little bit of everything and saved enough room for my Turkey Day favorite... Apple Pie ala mode. Hehe.
In addition to being so happy, I'm also feeling better too, thanks for the well wishes. I haven't been complaining about it but my entire digestive system has been messed up since I've been back: my hunger queues were off and every time I ate, no matter what I ate, I'd be left with an uncomfortable aching stomach... so I did a short term Master Cleanse Detox. Only drinking a spicy lemonade concoction for 2 days + 1 meal was extremely difficult, not at all fun, and I wouldn't recommend it. But I'm done, and I feel great... plus, my first real meal was glorious!
I had a big bowl of Amy's Low Sodium Vegetable Barley Soup and two Wasa crackers (which ended up only being one because I was too full for the second,) and savored everything slowly. Finally, finally, finally I refueled myself. I enjoy eating but I never realized how good food tastes after not having it for a few days! My tummy couldn't be happier.
I also ended up adding about a tbsp of hummus to the cracker because it was a little bland. Secondly, I checked on the Christmas countdown. ONE WEEK! Wahoo, I can't wait, sooo excited! Oh and that means even less for those of you that celebrate Hanukkah, 4 days :). Joy. I love the holiday season and spirit. Happy Humpday bloggies!

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