Tuesday, December 23, 2008

baby it's cold outside

Mornin' beautifuls! I meant to publish this last night, but my internet was being slow. Here it is, just as I wrote it: Oooh, drunk blogging. Sounds fun! I've never done it before :) so please bear with me. I'm sure I'll be embarrassed later.
We walked up fifth, through Rockefeller Center and straight to the tree. We're touristy non-tourists. Is it just me or does it seem smaller this year? We also stopped in the oldest bookstore in the are, Librarie De France, and probably the newest, Barnes & Nobles. Figures :).
Then we wandered until it was time for our reservation at Pomaire, aka my slice of Chile in my city, haha, kidding, kind of. It had gotten good reviews so I expected great food but I wasn't sure about the authenticity. Well... let me tell you, this place is the real deal... I would know ;).
La carta and the fabulous Chilean salsa, pebre, of which the boy was a big fan. They even had a copper-plated menu. Why is that awesome? A little fyi: copper is Chile's largest export.
We ate it with the pan amasado, served hot, straight outta the oven.
I ordered two appetizers that he just had to try: A true Empanadas de Pino with a delightful side salad, this was practically perfection,
and Camarones a Pil-Pil, or Spicy Shrimp with the special Chilean spice, Merquen. This was was very similar to the mariscos I ate with my parents when we were in Zapallar.

A Chilean Humita with the obligatory Ensalada Chilena. I haven't had one of these in forever! I would have simply ordered the salad bc I wasn't too hungry after appetizers, as I expected, but the waiter convinced me otherwise. He got a good tip :) and he deserved it.
Chilean Corvino Sea Bass with rice and roasted vegetables. This was the only real entrée we got and it was all for the boy... although I did steal a few bites and can attest to the fact that it was scrumptious.
During our meal we drank Sauvignon Blanc... also from Chile :). One for him and two for me. We've got reason to celebrate too, the boy got into medical school! Woohoo, go him! I'm so proud.
Then we continued the festivities at a bar. We were the youngest ones there... by at least 10 years. Haha. Cute atmosphere and not too far from the restaurant or the Starbucks where I got a Café Misto in between. It was frigid outside, people, bone-chilling cold!
We had tried to meet up with friends but it just ended up being the two of us, we had these plus a Long Island Iced Tea. A few hours of fun and then we were back to Grand Central to take the train and the quickest ride ever (we both fell fast asleep, lol).
Alright it's off to bed with me! I've got 4 hours to sleep this off and then my very last day of watching the kiddies with my mom. Happy day before Christmas Eve and very Happy Hannukah! ¡Buenas Noches!

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