Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in...

...and busy baking! What else would I be doing? :) But we'll get there, first an overview of our snow day so far. Welcome to my front yard.
Once the snow started coming down we let our dogs out to play around. They were so excited about the snow, plus, it's Colby's first winter!
Since mostly everything is closed in the area most of my mom's "kids" didn't come today but we did have Tiernan, so I bundled him up and out he went with the puppies and my little sister. He's so cute.
It ended up being the perfect soup day as I had predicted so I broke out my mom's beef stew from Wednesday for a hearty and filling lunch.
Stew gets better with every day. Scrumptious.
And during the blizzard, Mi mama y yo were busy in the kitchen making our Butterscotch & Walnut Oatmeal cookies.
They look yummy and I'm not going to have one. Does anyone like butterscotch? Ha, I obviously don't but it was still fun making them and now the house smells delish. I would get back to reading like I was this morning but I really should do some of my French exercises. N'est pas?

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