Friday, April 25, 2014

pour l'instant

"It's just... so instant!" I exclaimed to Rachael a few evening's ago, in praise Instagram. It's no wonder some call me well-spoken. In my defense, the statement above only introduces why and how I've become so recently obsessed. Since I'm living abroad, far from most family and friends, and am not always surrounded by confidantes here, it's especially nice share visual tidbits of my day as I experience them. Unlike on Twitter, I feel less superficial while observing the aesthetic details. The world was right to insist I join.
If you're not already, I'd be thrilled to have you follow me. Then I can get a glimpse at the pretty moments sprinkled throughout your everyday life, too. And therein lies the true beauty of instant Instagram, I think--the reminder to notice and appreciate them.

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