Tuesday, April 29, 2014

c'est cheeky

As I posted on Instagram this morning, I will be twenty-six years old young in just one month. It's crazy how many transformative experiences I've had, inside and out, since last year's stressful entrance into my mid-20s. Dare I say I'm quite ready and willing to embrace the next 365 days? Surely a master's degree (and almost two years in Paris) have equipped me with some capability at life...
By the way, I'm using my upcoming birthday to legitimize an early June departure from the City of Lights. No longer will I be able to enjoy the under-26 discount at Parisian museums nor on European trains. And how I could I possibly stand for such absurdity?
That said, Lorelei, Lou, and I's visit to the Maison Européen de la Photographie (preceeded by a La Caféothèque coffee date) was unforgettably special in a very simple my-friends-are-the-loveliest kind of way. I was especially impressed with the Martin Parr, Luciano Castelli, and Bruno Mouron/Pascal Rostain exhibitions, as well as the poetic words by Fouad Elkoury above (translated).

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