Friday, February 22, 2013

le pain quotidien

At the top of the to-do list? Clean my apartment. I've been meaning to ever since we got back from Rome, and yet between ~200 pages of reading, a midterm essay, TA-ing duties, and a semiotic analysis presentation, I still have not. I nearly laughed when Rebecca and her family asked me what my day-to-day life was like here last night. It's certainly not "a moveable feast", I thought! And then I looked through recent iPhone photos:
{Late night at the AUP library}
{Crispy (and cheap) gyoza and Japanese beer with my beau}
{The Superbowl at The Long Hop, a bar my friend is now working at}
{Angelina's famous hot chocolate with Edna and Carin}
{Brooklyn Brewery Launch Party at the new Le Mary Celeste}
{Vietnamese craving satisfied at a fantastic local find}

{Signs of spring in Parc Monceau}
So, yeah. I'm busy, I work hard, and I tend to only take photos of those exceptional, in between bits... but still. I do love living in Paris. If for nothing else, then for having sweet friends like Rebecca invite me to dine with her family at Terroir Parisien while they're visiting. In other news, now that I've bought today's demi-baguette and blogged, it's time to actually get to all that cleaning. Happy weekend to you!

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