Friday, March 7, 2014

le pays-basque

Basque Country lies between the French and Spanish coast and countryside. Having studied the two languages surrounding it, I've wanted to go forever. But, as I learned from the owner of a San Sebastián épicerie a few days ago, the Basque language is hardly rooted in Spanish or French. Oh well. It was a spectacular cultural experience nonetheless; even though it rained most of the time, and we got stuck at a Spanish border toll, and our rented car died at a French petrol station causing us to miss our Thursday morning flight back to Paris. Leslie and I improvised with a beautiful day in St. Jean de Luz--my thesis, for the record, did not appreciate.
The photo above was taken as I bought the most beautiful postcards by Stéphane Pirel for my brother and sister. I have so much to tell them (and you!) about the people, the food, the landscape, and my renewed ability to efficiently small talk with strangers in Spanish and French. But, as mentioned, I have thesis work to do today. And then Leslie, Lorelei, Lou and I made reservations to join Lauren and Patricia for a classical music evening. May I offer you a brief preview by way of Instagram? Yep, finally caved.

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