Sunday, March 30, 2014

paris in bloom

As you've heard from myself (and possibly others), Paris has been enjoying the most beautiful spring thus far. Dare I say there's been more sun and blue skies than all of last year put together? Pollution aside, of course. The flowers are thrilled! And apparently, so are the ladies and gents of Instagram, who 'like like' the fleur shots most. I doubt this is news to anyone but an Instagram novice like I.
With that said, one of my most liked 'grams was entirely flower-less. I took it a few Sundays ago, after having asked Lorelei to meet me for my favorite meal of the week in her quartier. I'd heard so many good things about Mamie Green. (Un)fortunately, upon our arrival, we discovered the vegetarian resto was nowhere to be found. A new eatery had sprung up in its place. Or Bloom-ed, rather...
Bloom serves a delectable array of mostly Île-de-France-sourced products (read: local) and two brunch menus. We decided to share the sweet and savory at a table outside: dark roasted coffee, pressed beet juice, country bread, preserves, pain au chocolat, turkey breast, julienned vegetables, terrine, brie, tomme des Pyrénées (cheese), baked egg, delicata squash, lentil salad, and apple crumbles.
It was just about the best brunch I've had this year; though today's at my preferred bobo locale comes in a close second. (Sigh). Now, each time such a memory is made with friends, I can't help but think of how I'll refer to it in the not-so-distant future. "When I lived in Paris..." Fingers crossed life's got something that looks as pretty, smells as sweet, and feels as good in store for next season.

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