Tuesday, March 18, 2014

jambon de bayonne

Knowing an ancient port city only by the ham that originated there is nothing to be embarrassed about, right? Oh, good. That's a relief. Because it's ham that first brought Bayonne to my attention. Then my French friend reminded me how close it is to Biarritz.
So, Leslie and I went. And oh my is it beautiful with 2,000 years of history and heritage. I nearly considered how right Europeans are for teasing me that my home country is 'young.' But, nostalgia's tricky. So much of what we identify with is imagined as it is...
And someone might need another academia-break :) as such, let's re-live this glorious day in which we wandered down cobblestone streets, marveled at stained glass windows, tasted regional delicacies, learned about Basque culture, and purchased local products.
Leslie and I picnic-ed indoors with fish tapenade, pickled vegetables, spiced cheese, red wine, bread, and camera-shy ham that night.

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