Thursday, January 10, 2013

parc monceau, round two

Tomorrow at about this time, I'll be en route to the airport. Destination: Paris. A few days ago I would've told you I was incredibly excited. I already have lunch plans with Edna and Milsters, dinner plans with Rachael and Lorelei, and Anna and Leslie are arriving next Thursday for what is sure to be a spectacular visit (complete with a weekend getaway to Marrakech). Not to mention the fact that a special someone is picking me up from the airport. And yet, there's no place like home; I'll never get any better at goodbyes. Meh. Mixed up feelings aside, my mom's serving a belated Thanksgiving feast tonight, and in two days, I'll have a view like this again: 
Hasta la vista, New York. Parc Monceau and I have a few more seasons to enjoy, whether I like it or not ;).

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