Saturday, December 8, 2012

le ciel de paris

Following a Parisian Thanksgiving, walking tour, Italian meal, laundry day, and other classic French experiences, my mom and little sister were no doubt exhausted. They'd only been in Paris for four days.
But I still had something special and not too strenuous planned for Sunday night: a visit to the 200-meter, modern (and ugly) Montparnasse Tower for an unbelievably beautiful view and fantastic dinner.
My mom and I shared a carafe of crisp white wine, and all three of us partook in the Menu Balcon with which we were offered an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. My sister impressed us by beginning with the foie gras (she's otherwise a picky eater) whereas I opted for the smoked salmon, and my mom, the lobster soup.
Then we were left a very thoughtful amount of time in between our entrées and plats to reinvigorate our appetites. Afterwards, my sister was served the veal while my mom and I partook in the sesame sea bream.
And finally, dessert, after another leisurely break. The astonishing quality that had impressed us the whole meal through continued as we shared an saint-Marcellin (a type of brie) with an accompanying spinach salad, an assortment of seasonal sorbets and ice cream...

... and my order, chocolate Guanaja ganache (not unlike the one I'd had in Iceland, but dare I say, even infinitely better). As I'm sure you can tell in the video above, I more than thoroughly enjoyed it.
A 65-euro prix-fixe menu is not cheap by any means, but I promise for the service, the views, and each and every morsel of the food at Restaurant Ciel de Paris (on a Sunday night, no less) it was entirely worth it.


  1. Glad you went! An unparalleled view like that is worth the trip to the 14th :)

    1. I'm glad to have had my mom and sister in town to give me a reason. Agreed :)


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