Saturday, December 29, 2012

three days in prague, part 3

Our last day in Prague fell on a Monday. Although we awoke to a bustling little city headed into their last week of work before the holidays, we decided to approach the day with weekend ease since we'd accomplished so much on our first and second day there. In other words, we slept in nice and late.
First up, breakfast. We rounded the corner to Mama Café where we were sure we'd be able to have a small breakfast alongside our morning coffees. As it turns out, the cute little place only served savory lunches and sweet desserts. The Czech lemon cake we opted for was, lucky for us, amazingly light and not too sweet.

Next, museums. After sending out postcards to our family from the beautiful Prague post office, we stopped into the Mucha Museum to marvel in the works of the Czech Art Nouveau artist and the Museum of Communism to learn more about the recent history of the totalitarian regime. I highly recommend both!
Then we made our way through the Old Town Square (again) to walk up Prague's own "Champs d'Elysées", and eventually, wander through the Jewish quarter. It was small but quaint and the six preserved synagogues were beautiful. It also inspired lunch...
After two days of goulash and beer we craved cleaner eats. Dinitz, one of many kosher restaurants in the area fit the bill. We began with an appetizer platter of beef kebab, spring chicken skewers, and falafel with tahini sauce alongside a basket of fresh bread, and then enjoyed huge green salads of our very own.
Afterwards, we hurried back to our apartment to pack up. Just a few hours later we were in Paris, and one day following, we had both arrived in New York. Escaping to Prague gave me the perfect dose of holiday spirit to come home with. And now, even though it's post-holidays, I couldn't appreciate it more.

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