Saturday, December 1, 2012

olio pane vino

You know that question, "if you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?" I've never been able to answer it... at least not in the right way. "Mediterranean," I respond. It's not even because it's a fairly healthy cuisine either; I just happen to adore fish and seasonal vegetables. And eating a diet rich in olive oil with plenty of whole-grain bread and a generous amount of wine seems wonderfully sustainable to me.
This, of course, could mean Greek, southern French, or my family's favorite, Italian food. I don't necessarily love pasta though. But when I found out my little sister would be joining my mom on the Thanksgiving visit to Paris, I knew I'd have to find her Paris' best. Friday, 8pm reservation, table for three, Olio Pane Vino.
This tiny gem of a restaurant is situated close to the Louvre (where they'd spent the rest of the afternoon post-walking tour) yet tucked away by Les Halles. They serve amazing Italian hospitality and fresh pasta.
We began with mozzarella di bufala e verdure (the best buffalo mozzarella I've ever had served with market vegetables in an insanely high-quality olive oil). Then, we enjoyed each one of the plats from their daily menu: linguine arrabiataspinaci e ricotta ravioli con pesto, and farfalle con salmone e salsa di vodka. Incredible.
Afterwards, satisfied in every which way, I ordered a decaf espresso and for dessert, we broke into our chocolate purchases from earlier. It was a fantastic end to a perfect Italian meal in Paris.
Thank God for Deanna, huh? Seriously though, this meal was one of countless reasons I was thrilled to have her here. Another pertains to her expert folding skills ;) but I'll save that tale for tomorrow... to be continued...

P.S. Happy December?!?


  1. Oh my gosh I LIVE for handmade pasta. The other other stuff I could take or leave, but your meal looks like the real deal!

    1. Come visit me and I will take you here. I don't live for handmade pasta, and yet, this BLEW my mind :).


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