Monday, January 10, 2011

san jose

On our second day we explored the city itself. We began at the Teatro National and Gold Musuem and worked our way through almost every main park in the downtown area. It was magical in a way that only a Spanish colonial city in the tropics could be...
I also found a hole-in-the-wall soda serving typical tico food for lunch. In the midst of fast food central (Taco Bell, K.F.C, etc.) I was proud of myself for doing so. Ironically enough, the plate of the day was pasta with parmesan.
And to end it sweetly, the four of us (Matt, myself, and two other Canadians we met through Gap Adventures) enjoyed a tiny sorbet each from the Market Central. It was refreshing with a hint of vanilla bean and cinnamon, and I loved it. I almost can't wait for my flight back to the U.S. so I can have it again ;).

P.S. I am currently in el Parque Nacional Tortuguero aka the Costa Rican rainforest with very bad internet connection, lots of rain, and quite a few monkeys. I'll blog again as soon as we make it to the beach. Que pura vida.


  1. looks like you're having a blast! :)

  2. looks beautiful! can't wait to see and read more details :)

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are having such an amazing time Danielle! I'm hoping to explore more of Barcelona this weekend, since it looks like you are having so much fun exploring parts of Costa Rica yourself :)

    I kind of wish Spain was as fond of rice & beans as South America is...that all looks delish! And oh!! That sorbet reminded me to go out and get some gelato asap! Totally necessary in Europe, right?? ;)

    So excited for you!! xoxo

  4. I so very much enjoyed Costa Rica when I was there - enjoy the rainforest! One of the best parts :)

  5. Anna: Yes, indeed!

    crunchygranolagal: Thank you! Miss you.

    alovelyglass: Thanks, love. I'm so happy to hear you're liking Barcelona! I'm sure it's overwhelmingly amazing so give yourself time to soak it all in. You'll be a seasoned city explorer in no time :). Save rice and beans for when you get back and enjoy Spanish cheeses and gelato in the mean time. Do as the locals do ;). So excited for you too! xo

    Sagan: Oh, I'm sure! Thank you for sharing!


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