Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bocas del toro: tres

Whew. These recaps are taken a while, aren't they? I guess that makes sense though :) Matt and I were there for a whole week!
Anyway, let's get back to business- Thursday. It started out really well. I woke up much earlier than planned, took myself out to breakfast for a fabulous cafe con leche and a mediocre bagel and egg sandwich, and then headed to a necessary yoga class at Bocas Yoga.
I felt great afterwards! Completely energized and ready to take on an active day. The sky was a bit gray so we decided to skip the beach and go explore the caves instead. It was my first time caving, and I was curious to see how I'd like it...
And astonished to find that I didn't, at all. We had to walk through water while bats flew past our heads in nearly complete darkness. Needless to say, I all but freaked out. I've always said I'm somewhat afraid of the dark but I never realized how much. Oh well, now that I've done it, I never have to do it again :). 
Once my nerves calmed down a bit, and we were safe and sound at Bocas Blended, the boys and I went to Wrappy Hour (buy one, get one half off). I was thrilled with my Greek Salad wrap. 
Then we took showers, got pretty, and went for another night on the town. Our first stop was a bar right on the water with a trampoline and swings (pictured above). Apparently it was not where the party was at though ;) so we went to bar two and three for more fun. Good times. 


  1. uhhhh, i totally wanna hang out with dudes in panama and go to wrappy hour. your trip sounds like SO MUCH FUN. only a tad jealous ;)

  2. Caving? Wow! I don't think I'd be too keen on the damp and the cold, either... but still, so awesome that you had the opportunity to experience it.

  3. crunchygranolagal: Thanks, love.

    Courtney (Pancakes and Postcards): Thank you! You can go caving for me next time. Seriously :).

    Sagan: Yes it is... and never again! Haha.

  4. Hi Daniel, loving the sequel of your trip to Bocas. Sadly, this is the last one. Btw, the food looks very tasty, excellent photography :)

  5. Bocas Del Toro Panama: Thank you! I try :)


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