Saturday, January 29, 2011

blooming in boquete

Boquete is made up of a pretty affluent diverse community of retirees, expats, and Panamanians. As such, there were wonderful little places like Sugar & Spice. And it happened to be located directly in front of our hostel. Breakfast jackpot.
I enjoyed a plate of seasoned scrambled eggs, three chunks of country bread which I topped with butter and fresh marmalade, and perfectly brewed coffee with cream. Perfectly satisfied, we then decided to walk around our little mountain town a bit.
The homes are beautiful but very private and protected by guard dogs.
Thankfully, we stumbled upon a public garden. 
I obviously loved it. Next? Mid-afternoon errands.
A barber shop clean-up and an authentic lunch. 
What you see above is mixed rice, root vegetable salad, pinto beans, and tomato salad. 'Twas absolutely delicious and a whole $2.00.
Afterwards, we ventured to the fair grounds to admire the annual celebration.
The Garden Club of Boquete really did a beautiful job.
Following our day of floral adventures, we went back to the hostel to rest and wash up before dinner time. For three weeks I had gone into a meal situation with a mind of budget and health, but being as I was leaving in a few days (more details to come) the boys and I decided we should go all out. We did, it was amazing, and not nearly as expensive as we'd planned. I'll save that dining story is for tomorrow though, get excited :) really, really.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! When I was in 8th grade I did a report in Spanish class on Panama and I wish I had pictures like these to go with it. The food (once again) looks to die for, everything is so colorful!

  2. I can't wait to hear the dinner adventures!

    and everywhere you went is absolutely beautiful!!! i love all the bright flowers!

  3. i love love love how vivid everything is! it makes me pine for spring, even though i lurve winter! and oh my lordy, the food looks fantastic :)

  4. Quisha: You can use 'em now ;). This food actually was great but I loved Costa Rican food more overall.

    Trying To Heal: It's up next. Oh I agree, so beautiful!

    Mackenzie: Thank you!

  5. Danielle! I feel horrible for not keeping up with my (travel) blog as much as you do and have, my dear. Although you do have more day-to-day adventures!!
    I am so envious of that fresh south american food. I had a similar breakfast in Dublin this past weekend, but the eggs were cold and greasy, the bread was hardly toasted and white, but the fresh orange was delicious! Besides that meal though, I seriously ate so well...who would have thought Dublin had such fresh, amazing, healthful food?! My hungover roommates were drawn to the greasy typical Dublin diner that last morning....which I guess explains such a lackluster bfast! haha!

    So does this mean you're now home?! I can't believe it! Looks like you had such an amazing time, it all looks so gorgeous! Xoxo

  6. alovelyglass: It's tough stuff, lady, and especially when studying at the same time. No worries. You'll get the hang of it, I'm sure :). Hope you have some yummy breakfasts soon! I love, love, loved Dublin. I even got excited when you posted the photos on Facebook, haha. Stalker. Anyway, yes, home for now. I had an incredible month and am eager to find out what's next.


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