Monday, February 15, 2010

vacation, extended

Hi there beautifuls! How've you been?! Contrary to popular belief, I am actually still in Arizona, sitting by the pool, planning what fantastic restaurant to dine at next.
What happened? My flight this morning was cancelled, and it was only after some compromising and pouting (cute not bratty) that I obtained a new ticket home for early tomorrow morning. As much as I love staying longer in this weather, I really shouldn't be missing class. But what can you do :(. Nonetheless,  I do have lots and lots of wondrous things to tell you about :) think you can wait 'til tomorrow for the delectable desert series? I sure hope so! Over and out.


  1. ah well, enjoy the extended vacay while you can and try not to stress about classes!

  2. Oh love a good unexpected extra day with the fam--enjoy yourself lovely!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the forced extended vaca!! Don't stress about missing class - you'll be alright, you're a great student :)

  4. Jenny: Thanks!

    jenngirl: So do I, thank you!

    K from ksgoodeats; Oooh I did, and thanks so much darling!


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