Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wine not women. I had an amazing tasting at Wine & Beer Appreciation tonight. We sampled four wines from California (two whites, two reds) and two from New York (whites), and I came back at 6:35 p.m. tipsy because of it. I just love being a senior sometimes :) Monday's aren't quite as dreadful knowing that I have this class to look forward to each week. By the way, I didn't bring my camera with me, but I will from now on so I can pass on the lessons to you. 
Until then, let's recap my weekend at the Grand Hyatt with these four girlies, my grandmother, and enough mother-daughter pairs to make my head spin. Plus a dose of the boy for good measure.
It all began on Saturday afternoon, we split ways as I headed to the City Bakery for lunch.
Since I was the first one of my friends there, I had time to survey the "salad bar," otherwise known as the exquisite selection of seasonal and organic greens, grains and proteins.
In addition to their sweet selection, which offered various organic baked goods,  fresh every 30 minutes. The first order of business was ordering a small hot chocolate. Why? "Our hot chocolate has been the best known and most drunk hot chocolate in New York since 1990."
Beyond pleased with my chocolate-y beverage, I filled up a heavy to-go container with greens, roasted vegetables, and baked tofu. I wanted to get enough so that my grandma could have lunch too, but quickly realized that my gluttony had a ridiculous price tag of nearly $30. At least it tasted good? Let's not get into that, back to the reason I was in the city in the first place.
With my parents' weekends both booked, we were left with the responsibility of accompanying my sister to the annual Dance Educators of American NYC competition. By the time they performed later that afternoon, I had reunited with the boy and my grandmother. He was especially impressed :) and my sister's dance team went home with multiple platinum medals.
We went to mia dona for a late dinner that night to celebrate. My little sister, Deanna, is a huge fan of Italian food so I made sure to find a restaurant that had great reviews and a convenient location.
When we were immediately met by the most fabulous of bread baskets served with ricotta cheese "butter," I already knew I'd picked the right place!
Deanna had soda, my grandma drank water, the boy ordered an Italian beer, and I savored a personal carafe of Castello Monaci Piluna from Puglia. 'Twas perfection across the board.
As an appetizer we split a delectable mixed green salad with artichoke, cured olive, and parmigiano in their house vinaigrette.
Deanna enjoyed their hand made pasta for dinner, a fresh fettucia in a roasted tomato sauce with stracciatella, while the boy went for a eggplant parmiagana with buffalo mozzarella.
My grandma and I both had the Ravioli di spinaci e ricotta con burro acido e pecorino, or spinach and ricotta raviola with brown butter, lemon and pecorino.
For dessert, what is a celebratory dinner without it, Deanna, the boy, and I split a trio of gelato. My grandmother, on the other hand, indulged in a hard-to-find favorite, Italian ricotta cheesecake. 
We all agreed that the entire experience was fantastic and were greeted at it's end by the unseasonably warm night air. For this reason amongst others (so  full) we walked back to the hotel, the boy in front with Deanna, and I behind them with my grandmother (adorable). Then, later that night, him and I said good night and goodbye for nearly a month and a half's time.
The following morning I slept in as Deanna attended dance workshops. I awoke around brunch time :) and headed across the street to Pershing Square Café for some delicious morning food.
I had a pot of their Sencha Green tea alongside my bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit. 
And that's the end of that story! Actually, though, I'd like to address my shape too... because it's not exactly where I'd like it to be. I'm not sure of how much I weigh, but I know a bit more than I'd usually like to, (I can tell by the way my clothes fit,) and I'd like to change that. I know that I finally have my nutritional bases covered and yet I've been slacking beyond belief when it comes to exercise. I simply have not been doing it. So, once next week starts, I will begin going to yoga again, at least three days a week, and be more conscious about staying active away from the mat as well. Striving for balance is a constant journey; It is rare when there is a complete interaction and harmony between two or more of the wine's constituents ;).

P.S. Go win something "bossy" and wish Kailey & SnackFace a very happy blogiversary!


  1. Oh wow this makes me miss the city!! :(
    um, is that a head of roasted garlic in the bread basket?! yes, please!!

  2. aw what awesome eats!!! i love the tofu action and the salad bar!! man! i am missing tofu!!! well, i had it today...but not thick chunks of baked tofu as I prefer!!

    congrats to your sis! they look adorable!!!

    love you soooooooooooooo!

  3. ah, the city is the MECA of fun and good eats -- glad you had such a fabulous time!! You live such a glam life :)

  4. justjac.wordpress.com: Makes me miss the city too! And yes, oh yes it is :)

    glidingcalm: I know, I'm sure you'll have your fill soon enough :) and I'll pass along your congrats. xo

    Jenny: So true, thank you! And glam life, you say? Hm, I'm not sure I'd agree but I do like the sound of that ;)

  5. I love love love watching dance competitions. How lucky you are to have someone in your family that does them!

  6. I'd say that epic salad is totally worth $30! I am craving baked tofu now...

  7. Oh major foodgasms up in here! City Bakery is just SO good, but for reasons you discovered, I almost never go. :( Major sad face. But I bet you enjoyed every bite even more with that price tag! Their hot chocolate really is insane, and so are their pretzel croissants! A must-try if you ever do decide to go back. :)

  8. louisianagrown: Watching = fun, Being backstage=on the brink of masochistic ;)

    ChickPea: I hope so! And I hope you're able to enjoy some soon!

    Diana: Yes, yes, and oh yes. Thank you, and I did, probably for the very first and last time ;)

  9. Taking a wine tasting course on a Tuesday has got to be a perk of being a senior :)

    And I completely agree--finding balance is a journey. There is something beautiful about it though, beautiful about not having it immediately, but working towards it.

  10. jenngirl: Oh yes it is :) that's a wonderful way of putting it my dear.


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