Thursday, January 28, 2010

je l'adore

Hola, chickadees! Thank you for the millionth time for your love, support, and encouragement :). This week has been a crazy one between being a college student, sorority sister, and a 21-year-old, although not necessarily in that order. Allow me to explain...
This morning, like all others, I began with banana oatmeal and almond butter alongside green tea. I don't have any morning classes this semester (MW begins at 12.45 and TTh at 11) but I do like waking up early. I'm just so much more productive in the AM, whether it means finishing up homework for my classes that day or working out. I mentioned that yoga classes don't begin until the week after next, right? The suspense is killing me.
Going out doesn't seem to be hindering my early-rising ways though. I find myself frequenting happy hours and bar nights on all nights this semester :) although I can't say I've done much of it this past one since my sorority is preparing for rush this coming weekend. This particular photo was taken last Saturday.
Lunch always varies, but today I had one of my absolute favorites: pita pizzas. With pesto, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, they're always delicious and eaten alongside salad. Not gonna lie, it's so much easier to eat salads every day when somebody prepares them for you.
Monday night, promptly after my first Beer & Wine Appreciation class (champagne-tasting next week!) I found myself in the dome for the Georgetown game. I am not a huge sports fan but when you go to such a school spirit-crazed school (love it) and your basketball team is awesome (duh) the games are bound to be fun to watch.

The only downfall was the fact that I hadn't eaten in seven hours aside from a measly little apple snack. Rather than purchase over-priced nachos or a hot dog (ugh), I had a beer to hold me over. Healthier, right? Not sure, but it definitely hit the spot and what a great game it was, 73-56!
I still kind of wish I would have received my Glo Bakery package sooner though! As you may remember, I ordered a few samples from Miss Angela last semester and fell in love with the Empower Go Bars; they're delicious, energizing and oh so satisfying. Today I received my second (quite obscenely large) order of the bars plus a lovely sample of her newest one, Adore, as a free gift. I'm sure I'll fall head over heels with this one as well, I'll keep you posted.
And that is that :). Not sure where the night will take me today but tomorrow is certainly a busy one with a make-up class (10-12), brunch with Laura, an audition (!), hanging out with C who will be visiting for the weekend, and more prep, prep, prep for rush. It snowed here today and now it finally looks like Syracuse in the winter. I will actually miss this.


  1. what is it about restaurant made salads that make them so much better than anything I can make at home? one of the wonders of the world I suppose.

    enjoy that 'cusy winter wonderland :)

  2. Wow your blog is really interesting! Love it!


  3. Jenny: So true :) thanks!

    Maggie: Aw, thank you so much dear, yours is too!

  4. Prior to matriculating to Duke, I had absolutely no interest in basketball...but that obviously changed pretty fast. I love getting into the spirit!

  5. Oh girl, you sound just like me! I have NO morning classes this semester, and I LOVE having my early mornings to be productive. I feel so much more "put together" when I'm prepared and focused rather than struggling to pay attention in class ;)

  6. Just found your blog and OMG I'm from Syracuse!!!! My jaw dropped when I saw the pic from the Georgetown game! Your blog is awesome by the way!

    Hope you're loving the snow :)

  7. ChickPea: I don't doubt it for a second :)

    jenngirl: So true, haha, and you basically describe it perfectly.

    livinglikeshannon: Wow, what are the odds?! And thank you! I am actually enjoying it so far, but that will change. You must be a winter champ :)


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